Write the following three programs to get warmed up to Java variables.

1. Hello world

Day2: HelloWorld.java

Write a console program that displays hello world (or any message you like):

2. Moon Weight

Day2: Moon.java

The user (an earthling) enters his or her weight on earth. Your program will print the user's weight on the moon, which is 16.5% of his or her weight on earth.

3. Random Numbers

Day2: RandomNumbers.java

Write a program that prints 1,000 random numbers between 0 and 100.

The file RandomNumbers.java has code that generates a single random number.

public class RandomNumbers extends ConsoleProgram {
   // A random number generator
   private RandomGenerator rgen = new RandomGenerator();

   public void run() {
      // change this code to print 1000 random numbers
      // in the range 0 to 100.	
      int example = rgen.nextInt(0, 10);

In order to generate random numbers, create a RandomGenerator instance variable (a variable declared outside all methods) like so:

private RandomGenerator rgen = new RandomGenerator();

You can then use the variable to generate random numbers.

rgen.nextInt(min, max) // generates a random int in the range (min, max) inclusive